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Devious Journal Entry

Tue Nov 27, 2012, 3:29 PM
my website

check it out.

hope you are all well!





nailed to a frisbee and flung over a rainbow

Is anyone still on deviantart?

Fri Sep 2, 2011, 5:32 AM
I dont know what to think of this place. It was so big back in school, and early uni. Is anyone still here? There is so much crap on this site. It could be so great... if you still are listening,  you can find me at and




nailed to a frisbee and flung over a rainbow

I'm sick and tired of...

Fri Oct 9, 2009, 12:16 AM
  • Listening to: Department Sotre
  • Reading: the ragged trousered philanthropists
  • Watching: people shop...
  • Playing: Halo 3:ODST
  • Eating: Pasta
  • Drinking: V
people who expect photographers to give everything and charge next to nothing.

It's really damaging - the amount of people who undercharge or do shit 'for their folio' (for free) one too many times.

It's ok for a while. We've all done it.

But now, so many people expect you to give too much for what they pay, and they're not paying much. Either because they're scummy or can't tell the difference between a stale turd and a good image.

Or... both.

So guys... know what you're worth and charge accordingly.

I dont see myself saying 'yes' to work from this client again.

Otherwise, I'm great. I'm off to Melbourne town for a week to continue work on my gallery project.

I'll be missing a couple people up in Brisbane... don't wanna be too sappy...;) anyone wanna grab a beer? does anyone who reads this live in Melbourne?

I'm staying in the city so.. Brunswick and Chapel Streets are close. two fav hangouts.

all the best.




nailed to a frisbee and flung over a rainbow


Fri Sep 11, 2009, 6:59 AM
  • Listening to: drives going *click*
  • Reading: the ragged trousered philanthropists
  • Watching: grey da screen on eizo
  • Playing: halo 3
  • Eating: sushi
  • Drinking: spitfire ale
um. I've moved house. that was a while ago.

does anyone still read this? I guess I never post.

I'll make anything available as a print if anyone wants... just ask. more than happy.

it'll be nice graduating in 2 months - I can start thinking about what to actually do with this craft.

Lets go to New York.

All the best.

Love, kisses and m9's forward to my PO Box plz.





nailed to a frisbee and flung over a rainbow

new work

Mon Mar 30, 2009, 7:30 AM
  • Listening to: the wind
  • Watching: a computer screen! lolzer
  • Playing: with myself virtually
  • Eating: lentil curry
  • Drinking: vodka
so i posted some work from late last year, and early this year.

and again remember why it's almost pointless posting work here...

for those that get it, love to you, thanks for the kind words:)

nothing negative to the rest, just... sigh...

nite all!




nailed to a frisbee and flung over a rainbow

... is it over?

Tue Dec 2, 2008, 3:09 PM
  • Listening to: ben folds
  • Reading: fallout 3 guide
  • Playing: fallout 3
  • Eating: coffee
  • Drinking: coffee
Yes. But now we start CHRISTMAS RETAIL, oh joy and good tidings and monies to all.

most importantly the monies.

i thought we were going through a recession..!

recession? bah! to hell with "economic crisis"!

What this all means, by the way, is that i've kinda finished uni for the year, and that most of my other commitments and... responsibilities.... *shudder*.... are complete/finished/expired/passed on...

"this is an EX-PARROT!"


but then, people want to buy things! always.

who was this jesus guy anyway?!

hope you are all well, try not to buy too much and remember that a gift is better the less you payed for it, and the more you care about it.

in other news, i got the new macbook pro. and i just booked flights to melbourne for january, after the glorious consumer xmas madness. oh look, that two faced morgan is at it again buying shit and complaining about consumer culture!

ah well. at least i've never lost my usb cable/battery charger (90% of enquiries at my work)

remember to take photos in the holiday time. like this, by noahlee…

this is one of my all time ever loved images on this place.

hope this finds you all well.




nailed to a frisbee and flung over a rainbow

today, yesterday

Thu May 22, 2008, 9:19 AM
  • Listening to: lounge
  • Reading: books on tim page
  • Watching: wish it was a friggen imac... but it ain't.
  • Playing: keyboard+mouse, i've heard its big in IT...
  • Eating: pizza, whatevers in the fridge
  • Drinking: v, two bottles tonight
up rather late, at 9ish.


skated to Tim Page's place for half ten. spoke for an hour.

meeting with a friend at 1. on the way, received a wrong number/prank "if you call this number again, you'll be fucking murdered".


get off the train, see a policeman, chat with him for a bit about said phone call. "serious business".

coffee with tess was fantastic.

uni, three fantastic short docos on some amazing stuff. cool footage of Trent Parke and Narelle Autio shooting around martin place... beautiful stuff.

then shot on set of my mates new film, nothing spectacular, they're still pretty much in pre prod.

and then shot a reading at metro arts.

shot street before the last bus. in this time i met some cool people, gave 2 dollars to some skank who i noticed about 20 mins. later really didn't need said 2 dollars, however i have a picture of her asking a lovely old man for money (my condition for my initial donation, that i could follow her plight at half ten in queen street).


her fucking loss:p

now... editing through the audio from the convo with Mr Page.

now that it's friday, later today ill go to the lab, the framing place, uni, work and then shoot more theatre and THEN go OUT!


so when are holidays?

i want to lock myself in a darkroom with lounge music and about 20 rolls. make contacts and then do some of this b+w shit that is waiting... waiting...




nailed to a frisbee and flung over a rainbow

new toys

Tue Apr 22, 2008, 8:58 AM
  • Listening to: random itunes - muse at the moment
  • Reading: dof tables
  • Watching: summer heights high
  • Playing: dawn of war
  • Eating: indian
  • Drinking: instant
ordered the cosina voigtlander 35mm f/1.4 Nokton.

it'll arrive in may.

shooting anzac day with tim page.

after that, i'm shooting tiesto.

everything is due this week.

the ipod touch is amazing. keeps me happy.

current tetris score: 16769.

fucking yawn.

im really pleased with some prints i just ran off the canon 5300. ilford smooth gloss. nice paper. i'd like to see what scanned chromes look like on it.

just thought id get back to whoever reads this thing...





nailed to a frisbee and flung over a rainbow

since when?

Tue Mar 11, 2008, 6:46 AM
  • Listening to: zero 7
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: magnum podcasts
  • Playing: havent played games in a while
  • Eating: rice and hoi sin
  • Drinking: orange juice
saw interpol last month. awesome stuff.

got myself the cosina voigtlander r2a, with the 50/1.5. the new 35/1.4 looks very nice, but im comprehending the 28/1.9 after ive been shooting similar on my 5d... 28/1.8 usm...

went to melbourne. posting some images up over the web. some on uber, which is increasingly becoming interesting.

shooting for, which is not a paid gig but very fun, combines shooting with going out with experience in publishing a certain edit for a certain audience... and provides a platform for personal projects.

back at uni, working at teds, working for a photographer in the office, freelancing around the theatre scene in brisbane...

so im getting a little busy!

not that im complaining...

wouldn't have that, would we?…

check out that.


but i'd like, also, to plug an organisation a little closer to home..

in fact, just over at southbank.

if you want a copy of our last journal, the standard of work being something one would expect to pay upwards of $100 at folio books for...

contact me.


twenty-fucking-five dollars. for a visceral and provocative record of our world.

sorry for the plug, but i really want to get this out there.




nailed to a frisbee and flung over a rainbow
  • Listening to: its in the title
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: trailers for films and the abc
  • Playing: dawn of war
  • Eating: indian
  • Drinking: james squire
theres something so beautiful about potential at the moment that i can taste it.




nailed to a frisbee and flung over a rainbow

well, here i am...

Wed Oct 3, 2007, 8:17 AM
  • Listening to: sigur ros
  • Reading: previous journal entries
  • Watching: the it crowd
  • Playing: bullworth academy/splinter cell/dawn of war
  • Eating: chicken and rice
  • Drinking: vitamin c thing
i may need a haircut.

im just writing perhaps just to release an urge inside me to type some things down, as it occured to me yesterday while in the garage (?) that i had done a lot of stuff (grammar) in the past while.

and well yeah. photos. haha.

lots of photos.

ow my ears...

very bassy sigur ros on sick ears.

my head is rather congested and im supposed to be going to sydney to do to concerts this weekend.


lots of things!

lots of new people, old people, drive ins, assignments, beer and perhaps wine. and v. lots of that. and espresso. and making 16x24 prints for a psuedo gallery in a coffee shop.  and... then some beer. and some work at teds.

and really just shooting a lot. playing a bit too much of the station of play. and the c of p.

so i think i'll pay 0 pounds for that rubbish radiohead album. i mean really. what a silly idea.


seriously, cannot fucking wait. buy the fucking vinyl and everything. fucking best idea since sliced bread.

fuck the record labels anyway.

and the new nikon d3?

fucking WOW. jealous mofo right here. dunno about a 14-24mm as a work lens tho. id rather have something i can slap a filter on.

that front element looks precariously scratchable by some angry drunken celebrity politician dodgy guy anna coren.... careful people:p

shooting weddings...

lots of misc jobs. theatre. lots of that.

lots of bills.

its funny how you bump into people you know, while on public transport, and you ask how they are etc and really the conversation goes...

"hey! how are you?" (what a start. bet you weren't expecting that..)

"good man, tired, you?"

"tired mate, yeah. what you been up to?"

"um... uni. yeah, uni. work. uni and work. you?"

"uh yeah, uni and work..."


the next time i see someone on the train

i really want to get asked how i am....

and despite what the truth may be, they will get something like:

"oh yeah... uni... uni's great. yeah i love it, there was a party in the library with lots of sex in aisles and everyone got drunk and read books in accents and sung lion king songs and we filmed it and released it as postmodern postmodernism study of postmodernity and we bought lots of drugs with the marginal profit and got stoned and high and mega wasted and threw another one, and work man, oh gee hey, swell times, yesterday i got asked for best price and so i told them to go fuck themselves and you know what, they fucking did right there in the store, and then i went on lunch and punched the first person to offer me vouchers for the next best thing, and i had sushi, man what a good time... but... yeah. other than uni and work, pretty boring... kinda tired. you?"


so be good kids and elder folk.


nailed to a frisbee and flung over a rainbow
  • Listening to: kings of leon
  • Reading: the hitchikers guide
  • Watching: crazy blackhawk crash footage
  • Playing: bullworth academy/san an/liberty city stories
  • Eating: soup
  • Drinking: soup
pronounced "ho k":)

so... basically...

i should get this uber page up and running. when i get a good way to do things set up.

recently i've shot some cool stuff, had a chance (2 actually) to try the leica m8, just with a 28/2.8 non asph. lens. its no 35/1.4... but still very nice. anyway, i'd love to show much more than i am at the moment. the blog takes forever to update. uber does seem a faster way. and a cooler way.

so i shot a dress rehearsal for zzz's dracula tonight. mostly 24-70, its a good lens... just love being faster than 2.8 though. being able to zoom is very useful. and i find that if i stop being picky about being faster than 2.8, i notice that i get good shots... more shots... more good material because i dont have to change lenses.

ideally i'll shoot a show a few times with different shots in mind... after seeing rehearsals... after seeing techruns. so i know whats coming up.

but no-one ever gets that luxury all the time. so a zoom is good.

well yay, zooms are useful, morgans just been sitting under a stubborn little rock forever;)


take care all!

  • Listening to: muse (your mum)
  • Reading: NOT reading pomo exam notes
  • Watching: the chaser - how anti aesthetic
  • Playing: bullworth academy/san andreas - how pomo
  • Eating: spagbowl - how.. well. it was yum anyway.
  • Drinking: carlton draught x3
i'm so postmodern
i write journal entries
while checking my myspace

oh ps i think i might go to melbourne this holidays.

can you guess?

i'm on holidays. for 5 weeks.


  • Listening to: kings of leon
  • Watching: the departed
  • Playing: bullworth academy
  • Eating: bruchetta and chips
  • Drinking: corona follwed by fanta with vodka

external drive




L for lust.


anyway i came back to edit this pice of shit just to write whatever on a page.

so whose in to kings of leon at the moment? i know i am.

i rather liked the departed. lots of people getting shot...

particularly in the head.

life's funny. well, mine is. up and down everyday. there is no consitency, and i love it (and hate it later, because i am inconsitent)

how postmoder n.

like that space


and my lack of full stops


that makes up for it


so my choir did evensong at the cathedral today and for the sermon i zoned out and thought about fullstops and postmodernity.

which is a lie.

of course i was thinking about sex! who wouldnt!!

and i have a newfound obsession with CRUMPLER BAGS.

they are another fine example of AUSTRALIAN ingenuity.

rad shit.

like fosters.



so chillin with some cool cats lately.

its funny. well, not so funny. in fact not funny at all.

strange type funny.

that its been a week of "breakups"

crazy times. friends lives doing wierd shit like a rhin0 in a swimming pool...

dunno where that came from.

everyone go look at emma…

one day she will rule the world. one day. and we can all have beers and chill.


oh, really, gta addicts go find canis canim edit. best game on ps2 hands down.

external drive



i'm thinking of selling my fm... because i have not used it much recently at all.

oh and if anyone has a 5 roll developing tank or somesuch device i'd love to be able to use it. there are about 40 rolls to do.
  • Listening to: beatles
  • Reading: b+w magazine, photofile, stuff...
  • Watching: latest chasers war on everything
  • Playing: san andreas
  • Eating: pork
  • Drinking: slate bourbon
so i reckon 24-70 is good, but i'm not using it a whole lot.

two of these here were with it…

and its really nice at 2.8.

just the length issue. sure it can do almost macro, so its better than an 85mm in that respect.

hrm... food for thought.

perhaps its just cause i played with the 85L the other day and that was very orgasmic.

oh and 17-35/2.8 copy that is in at work second hand is very nice!! but $$$.

i would buy it.

perhaps i can just put it aside?



or the new 16-35/2.8 II? (which is hot stuff too)

i love my job:P

oh and everyone go to the next zzz show


  • Listening to: zero 7 - another late night
  • Reading: b+w, photofile, hcb and the artless art
  • Watching: chasers war ep 8, war photographer
  • Playing: vice city
  • Eating: nothing yet and its 11am
  • Drinking: instant
new blog entry yay.

what else has been happening?

dunno. 35/2 is nice on 5d.

you tell me what's been happening then.

comments away!

  • Drinking: espresso, instant and v
seriously, the anzac days i will remember were chorale camp back in '04, up in the mountains, where we tried to climb the mountain and failed and got lots of coblers pegs in our jackets and long socks.

so we just chilled and truly reflected on...well.... stuff. life? whatever. it was very cool.

and the few i did when i was in the air force cadets and marched and did flag drill and all that fancy stuff in pretty uniforms.

so i went this morning to the city service, as i did last year.

and i know its all sposed to be... well, serious/somber/reflective.

but there was this stupid chick filming on her little handycam in supernightshotwondermode darting around the fucking place, the music was shit, i actually think it was people i may or may not know also (which makes it worse) and folk say "oh, dont they look beautiful in those white navy uniforms".

total respect to folk who are in the services. total respect.

but all i saw this morning was trite.


i've been up since yesterday morning, wonder if i should crash now.

  • Listening to: beatles
  • Reading: time
  • Watching: chasers war on everything
  • Eating: pasta
  • Drinking: coke
so what, i know there's that whole concept of...

"oh, i read time magazine, im hip. i know whats going down"


but seriously, and it pains me the way this will read (but i say anyway), there is so much that goes for the most part unheard in this world.

so... everyone knows about the massacre over in the states. definately a terrible and horrific event. an event that naturally makes the front page.

when i say "naturally", of course, people need to know this, and i cannot fathom what it would be like to be involved in whatever manner in a similar situation.

but... go look a little deeper.

read time magazine once in a while.

or something other than news ltd. farifax. whatever.

apologies to those who make it thier life to know whats going on.

this read as very juvenile... as if i've only just now come to this realisation.

i haven't. but i was reading today and i was moved to write something down.

  • Listening to: sigur ros
  • Reading: stuff on helmut
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: coke beer and agrum
shot a wedding today... shot some theatre yesterday...

'tis all going very nicely at the moment.

very happy with the 5d. VERY happy. does what i want.

having some issues with 99% of shots coming out with a bit of a green cast, but fixable in raw wb tinting. its all good in the end.

lost again at poker, but i did a good job to stay in the time i did with what i had left after some really bad moves... hrm...

so. holidays. please bring them on!! one week to go... assignments and shoots and prac whatevers that i already know... bah.

we're using rollei at the moment though, which is rad. 6002/6008's. nice stuff.

then we get to use... view cameras.

cant wait.

stay safe all,